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Master Inline Skating...RIGHT NOW!

Inline Skating Video
$12.99 Windows Media Video - Mac and PC

This unique, fail proof, inline skating instructional video takes you from beginner through intermediate, to advanced techniques, in all forms of general terrain skating. You will safely learn to start, skate, brake, turn, and negotiate hills with new confidence in a smooth, fluid style. Your 40 minute video can be referenced again and again as you move upward in ability.

My name is Steve Reed and my instructions are the ones that WORK. I've been a sponsored racer and have taught inline skating to countless people all across the U.S. The results my students have benefited from have been spectacular. If you want to learn to inline skate really well, right now, this is the video you need. We make it easy!

My elegantly simple instructions contain no technical mumbo jumbo. They are based on things you already know how to do. They are effective, easy to understand and have never failed to produce excellent results for skaters of every age.


“Downhill control is important in inline skating. It's also a great way to practice snow skiing in the off season. I'll show you how to become an expert skier on your inline skates. You'll get a great workout and stay in ski shape all year long.”

~ Steve Reed


Viewer Comments


"Lives up to it's name. I really got a lot out of the heel brake instruction. Now I can really apply that brake!"

"Fantastic skating instruction. If you want to learn to skate correctly, get this video."


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